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An impact study about how the global innovation ecosystem redefined itself during a global pandemic.


Triumph of Innovation

How the global innovation ecosystem of Corporate Innovation Teams and Incubators & Accelerators redefined themselves to triumph over a global pandemic

Dez 2021
Nick Rendell, Angela Olson

Who participated?

Business Incubators & Accelerators

Business Incubators & Accelerators support startups at all stages by providing a large array of services, from marketing to finance and legal. Startups must meet quality criteria to enroll in the program and have a controlled exit of typically three months up to five years. Business incubators often provide services for free or in exchange for fees. Business accelerators often invest in their client startups or provide stipends in return for an equity stake. Both types of programs are often run by universities, public institutions, governmental bodies, private entities, or corporations.

Corporate Innovation Teams

Corporate Innovation Teams are departments or entities affiliated with multinational organizations for the purpose of working with startups and finding innovation to further the core business, solve challenges faced by the corporation, and/or develop new technologies that create new or enhance the offering to existing customers. These teams may be a division of the corporation, a separate spin-off company, or a venture capital arm of the organization.

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