About UBI Global

Crowd at World Incubation Summit 2023
Speakers at World Incubation Summit 2023

Our Values

We believe we are smarter together as a community, encouraging transparency among organizations and welcoming all regardless of location, budget size, maturity, focus, or affiliated entity.

We believe that data tells a future-forward story and that sharing data with our interactive learning community helps all members achieve the highest level of excellence for their organizations.

We strive to open our arms to all organizations to achieve a truly diverse global community.

Our Mission

Our mission is to internationally connect, benchmark, educate, and recognize excellence among business incubators and accelerators to advance startup and innovation growth.

Our History

Established 2013 | Stockholm, Sweden

Founded in 2013, this year marks the 10th anniversary of UBI Global. With headquarters in Stockholm, Sweden, our purpose was originally to identify the location of all innovation hubs worldwide to learn and share their best practices.

The World Benchmark Study was launched in order to achieve our goal to help business incubators and accelerators advance their ecosystems, become more attractive to startups and increase their ability to attract investment. The Study eventually became a UBI Global cornerstone that helped build and shape the community of +1,000 business incubators and accelerators in +90 countries that we have today.

Since our humble beginnings, our services continue to expand to include a suite of education materials, management tools, communication platforms, and networking events. All so that innovation could multiply and thrive no matter where it’s based.  In 2023, we purchased a tech company in order to launch the Benchmark Tool, that helps business incubators, accelerators and governments to measure, tailor and follow up on their top KPIs.

Celebrations at World Incubation Summit

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