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UBI Global has formed a strategic partnership with Hubspot, a developer of a suite of inbound marketing products, who offers member business incubators and accelerators discounted products, free services, and more. Most importantly, the programs can pass on Hubspot services to their client startups, which are in desperate need of marketing solutions as they poise themselves for growth.

By forming this important strategy together, the global startup community benefits from the increased marketing power and Hubspot benefits from an increased customer reach. Marketing is often something they perceive as a self-taught skill. On the contrary, marketing a startup is far more involved than sending out a few Tweets to a carefully cultivated social group. Successful marketing involves learning about trending content, split testing optimized web pages to increase conversion rates, understanding your audience and your reach, early adopters and customer feedback, and the list goes on. Marketing is just as important as product development, especially in early stage startups

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What makes the innovation ecosystem beneficial for all parties? Why does collaborating with a startup make sense? What are the challenges some corporations face? What are the KPIs to evaluate a startup company? Read in 7 Case Studies UBI Global's answer.

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