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A.T. Kearney is a management-consulting firm with 60 offices in more than 40 countries. As part of their organization, The Global Business Policy Council was founded to meet and discuss issues on the worldwide business climate. The Council publishes the Global City Index, a map of innovation ecosystems that includes information on the startup scene.

UBI Global supported A.T. Kearney by providing BI data to form a comprehensive report for Council members on the global innovation landscape.

Corporations often miscalculate or even underestimate what it takes to sell to the startup market. It is rather like aiming at a moving target, and requires speed and flexibility that most corporations will admit is a weakness in the way they operate. Corporations provide crucial products, services, and platforms to startups that are about to scale up. Turning a startup into a customer for the lifetime of their business is a win for the corporation, but how do you reach them and what do they need?

How is working with a startup a benefit for corporations who want to reach more customers?

Successful startups, supported by business incubators and accelerators, achieve amazing results thanks to having access to the right tools, resources, and skills to manage challenges that unincubated startups lack. Through professional guidance while in the early stages, startups who are nurtured by benchmarked incubators develop business models and value propositions as well as other fundamental business foundations. To do so, they are often advised by mentors from large corporate firms who invest their time as part of the program.

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What makes the innovation ecosystem beneficial for all parties? Why does collaborating with a startup make sense? What are the challenges some corporations face? What are the KPIs to evaluate a startup company? Read in 7 Case Studies UBI Global's answer.

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