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World Benchmark Study

Just Released – The World Rankings Report 2021-2022

Author :
Angela Olson
Published :
18 May 2023

Recognizing Excellence Among Business Incubators and Accelerators from the World Benchmark Study 2021-2022

The UBI Global research team has released the World Rankings Report 2021-2022 of business incubators and accelerators as the result of the World Benchmark Study for 2021-2022. For the sixth edition of the World Benchmark Study 2021-2022, 1895 programs were assessed to be part of the Study and 356 applications were received, leading to the ultimate 109 programs that were ultimately benchmarked. This resulted in Top Lists among four categories based on the sample size.

Download the NEW World Rankings Report 2021-2022

Ranking Category and Top List

    >> Top University Business Incubator – Top 10

    >> Top Public-Private Business Incubator – Top 5

    >> Top University Business Accelerator – Top 3

    >> Top Public-Private Business Accelerator – Top 5

This list reflects a highlight of the groups of high-achieving programs, providing recognition to the group as a whole. Among global peers, these programs are all top performers.

#1 Programs Announced in May

Each Top List has one program in its group that has achieved #1 status as the result of extraordinary impact and performance among top peers. We want to provide the industry with the opportunity to celebrate innovation excellence and highlight a bright focal point to which other programs can aspire.

The number one program for each top list will be announced at the World Incubation Summit Part 2 this May 14-17 hosted by imec and imec.istart in Ghent, Belgium.

Rankings Downloads

Developed as a result of the World Benchmark Study, UBI Global offers definitive program rankings from 2013 onwards. These editions of the rankings are still relevant today as they show the evolution of the innovation community around the world. To unlock the previous rankings resulting from the World Benchmark Study from 2013 to 2021, please see our website here.

Top Challengers

In addition to recognizing the top performers, we also recognized the top challengers in each region. Top Challengers are programs with performance and impact scores resulting from the World Benchmark Study 2021-2022 making it stand out among peers in its region. This edition of the Rankings and Recognitions will highlight programs in the following Top Challenger categories.

    >> Top Challenger – Africa

    >> Top Challengers – Asia Pacific

    >> Top Challengers – Europe

    >> Top Challengers – Latin America

    >> Top Challenger – MENA

    >> Top Challengers – North America

NEW! Global Innovation Studios Benchmark Tool

Released during the WIS23 Part 1, the new Global Innovation Studios Benchmark Tool is set to be a game-changer for business incubators and accelerators around the world. Developed with the UBI Global research framework, the Benchmark Tool is a powerful way to understand your programs’ performance and impact and highlight strategic areas to improve. Users of the GIS Benchmark Tool can take this knowledge a step further and compare themselves to the top-performing programs from around the world and get as granular as they like. To schedule a demo, contact

Angela Olson

Head of Communications & Community - Angela has over 30 years of experience in industries such as finance, manufacturing, hospitality, and others. She has been with the company since 2017 and brings a varied perspective and dedication to our team and our member programs.


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